What to do when you're out at sea

And by out at sea I mean up a creek without a paddle.

What happened was one day when I was literally out at sea prepping for a dinner party for our yacht guests I desperately needed decor for the dinner table (they expect gorgeous tables every night because, well, they paid big money to be yacht guests). Problem was, we were nowhere near the port at which we were scheduled to dock because of weather changes, so I was not able to pick up my floral centerpiece as planned.

Needing something—anything—semi-fresh and pretty to adorn the table, I looked around considering everything. I eyed a huge vase of roses that were delivered several days before, and now were on the verge of dying. (Dying flowers on a yacht typically spend the last few wilting days in the crew area. We always enjoyed guest leftovers, which usually came in the form of flower arrangements and extra appetizers and other treats made by the chef.) 

So, dying flowers? Perfect!

I trimmed the prettiest, most alive tops off the flowers and floated them in a large crystal bowl of water. Once they weren't hanging lifelessly sideways off the stems, the buds actually looked fresh and new, which I would've never discovered had I not been so desperate. 

Voila! A dinner party centerpiece that looked quite striking. Thinking back, that sounds hideous, but it actually worked well at the time. And the guests commented on how great the table looked. 

Don't think, just do

Since then, I've acknowledged this lesson many times in life. Being resourceful is an attitude, an approach. It's an openness that invites possibility.

So, when you find yourself out at sea or up a creek without a paddle, look around to see what you can turn into a solution. These are scary times, but they're also often the times we're most creative. Like they say, necessity is the mother of invention. And it's not that different from the sudden burst of insight we get when we procrastinate.

What to do when you're out at sea

Photo by ali mahmoodi on Unsplash 

Just remember to not let panic set in because that will slam your treasure trove shut. You want to ride this situation like a wave. Don't overthink, but rather think fast and see what happens. You will surprise yourself.

(And, yes, procrastinators, I just gave you permission to put your project off another day...because tomorrow you'll be even more creative.)


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