Shipping & Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I contact you?

Email us at Hello@LaPalmaStudio. 

I have a question not covered here (or I don't want to read through all of this).

Just drop us a line with your question and we'll get back to you quickly.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE for packages landing anywhere in the contiguous United States.

For our Canadian, Italian, Spanish, African (okay, everyone else in the world) friends, we want your shipping costs to be transparent and easy to understand, which is why we use flat-rate shipping, as follows.

  • Contiguous United States - Totally free
  • Canada | U.S. Territories | Alaska | Hawaii - $19.99 flat rate
  • Everywhere else - $29.99 flat rate 
    How long will it take for me to receive my order?

    We calculate total time as production time + shipping time. We estimate these times as follows:

     Product Production/Packing Time Shipping Time
    Acrylic items (stationery tray, paperweight) 1 day/same day*

    2-3 days in the continental U.S.

    7-21 business days everywhere else

    Stationery sets and notepads 1-2 days

    2-3 days in the continental U.S.

    7-21 business days everywhere else

    Wall art, mugs 2-4 days

    3-7 days in the continental U.S.

    7-21 business days everywhere else

    Home items, such as pillows and tablecloths 3-5 days

    3-7 days in the continental U.S.

    7-21 business days everywhere else

      *If you also order other stationery products, we will hold this item so we can ship all of our stationery products together.

      Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to discuss the estimated timing of your specific order.

      Will I receive my order all in one box?

      Your stationery items (stationery, notepads, acrylic items) come from our studio, and your home items (wall art, pillows, tablecloths, mugs, etc.) come from our manufacturers, so these two categories of items will come separately. 

      Can I rush an order? 

      Currently, we provide standard shipping with the times estimated above. Note that we can ship items directly to another address (maybe you want to send a gift directly). We can include gift notes for stationery, notepads and acrylic stationery trays.

      This is a gift. Can you send this directly to my gift recipient? 

      We can do that! We really love to make your life easier. Just input the shipping address of your gift recipient and we'll take care of the rest. 

      Can I include a gift note? 

      Yes, you can for stationery sets, acrylic stationery items and notepads.

      We can include a personalized gift note (and, of course, no receipt or payment info). Simply input what you'd like the note to say in the notes section on either the listing page or the checkout page.

      For everything else, we cannot include a gift note, unfortunately, because the items ship directly from our manufacturers. (But still no pricing information will be included.)

      How do I return something?

      Email us at Hello@LaPalmaStudio with a short description of the problem, and we'll work with you directly to resolve your issue. We will refund any item you're not happy with within 30 days of your order date.

      Note that gift cards, Apple wallet credits and downloadable items are not returnable.

      Will I get a proof of my stationery or notepad?

      Our standard procedure is to simply fulfill your order to expedite the process—we want to get it in your hands as soon as possible.

      However, there are times when you may not be sure if you're going to like the choices you've selected, and it would help to see a proof. Totally get it...we're very visual. So, if you'd like to see a proof, simply ask—it's a free service. Make a note either in the listing notes section or the check out page notes section (including an email address to send the proof).

      Or send us a request via email at:

      You will get the proof within 72 hours of placing your order. Once you approve your design, we will process and ship your order. See estimated times just above.

      I want to make several changes to the design. Can I do that?

      Beyond color and font changes (and any other changes allowed by each listing), you're approaching custom design territory. Custom designs are great, but they take time. And you know the old saying: time is money. In some cases, design time can be purchased. Let us know what you need and we will estimate design time, which is $50 per hour. Email us at to describe what you're seeking; we'll then provide you with a quote to consider. 

      Do you do custom design from scratch?

      Currently, we do not due to time constraints.

      Can I get a sample of your colors and paper for your stationery and notepads? 

      Absolutely. Just send a request to Hello@LaPalmaStudio and we'll mail you sample pack of papers and our colors on those papers. This is great to keep on hand so you know exactly how things look and feel for this order and for future orders.

      What kind of paper do you use for the stationery?

      Learn all about our paper here, but to give a quick answer, our house papers are high quality and environmentally friendly papers manufactured by Neenah in a very pretty warm white. 

      What kind of printing do you use?

      All items are printed using digital printing, which creates a gorgeous, vibrant color infused into the medium. For the stationery, it's important to note that this ink is flat on the card (as opposed raised effects, which you get with thermography, embossing and engraving).

      How do I format the monogram?

      Is it first-middle-last name or first-last-middle name? Learn the rules of monogramming here.

      Can I put any text I want on the stationery and notecards?

      Yes, of course! Use a first name only (great for kids), a first and last, a family name—The Wexlers—or a boat name (great for the sailboat or anchor stationery (S/Y Serendipity, for example), a business name, or a single-, double- or triple-letter monogram (see how to format monograms). The sky's the limit. Feel free to get creative and customize this for your exact needs.

      I want to know more about your products.

      Check out our products pages all linked here.

      Stay informed of new products by signing up for our mailing list below or by joining us on social media. We look forward to working with you.